LIVE PAINTING IN HEART (Ibiza), in collaboration with OPENLAB.
Last July I took part in a live art performance in the restaurant-night club Heart (run by Ferrán Adriá-chef- and Guy Laliberté -Circ del Soleil director-).
Openlab.fm is a radio station and multimedia group run by Robert Miles who supports many artists of various disciplines showing their creations online. This is also the seed of a much larger project still in the makings. Openlab brought visual artist, musicians and djs together in Heart one night a week during the whole summer and I performed in July. It was a challenging experience for me not being used to paint in a public space but finally I enjoyed the experience. Doing a painting in a few hours and exercising my attention on it, creating a space within the space and finding a communication link to the general public. It worked.
Here is a little explanation of what happened:
“There is always a time while painting and going with the flow of the shapes that come through from the first phase, that I try to understand may be one of the possible messages from the subconscious. In this case as I was painting I kept seeing water and as I was conditioned by the place and situation I was in I asked myself what would I like to communicate with my painting. I then thought I would love to show people to have great respect and gratitude to the spring water we have left in Ibiza and that is now so scarce. To have all our visitors respect the water and not waste it. I then saw holes in the water, and the kind of plant going through the centre of the painting was searching for water and kept finding its holes. This plant then developed its blossom as small water deposits to help it though the droughts. This painting is called “The holes in the water””


fotos by Salim Lamrani ©




End result, made in 4 hours!