During this month in Tjørnuvík as an artist in residency I brought 12 white canvases (wood) to work on. I was interested in seeing how my work would develop while I just let myself play with the subconscious. I was not going to try to impose any discipline, just let myself flow naturally and see how this translated. I did, however ask the art as it was being made, what was the story it wanted to tell me. So I was writing in my diary at times while I painted. I worked quite intensely, many, any hours. I only left to walk by the sea or do hikes to the hills above.
The first piece, above these lines has no story, it was just a warmup when I started that I finally decorated with a few elements I like from this area.
The pieces that follow each have a story.

38x55cm acrylic on wood.

Time folds itself up differently to what I know, here.
It never gets dark. Any time of the day can be any time in the day, mostly. The variation in the light is only defined by the clouds that let in more or less light.
The light variations do not mute over the course of a day gradually, they change constantly in a matter of minutes. Time, here, for me stands as a mystery.
This timelessness is felt visually also. There is a certain minimalism, a hygiene of elements that brings a sense calmness to the brain. Green folding patterns repeating upon themselves, creating unique formations that keep being shaped by the erosion its constant water flow.

38x55cm acrylic on wood.

It´s 2025 . This island rises out steeply from the ocean and appears to be a monument. It is actually an entity that is alive and pulsing inside.
A whole organism that stands as a lighthouse to guide the sailors.
It shines its light from within, attracting the fishermen to it´s steep land.
A land of no trees where the homes are the only element with roots. They are deeply woven into the pulsing ground feeding the houses with heat and light to keep the sailors warm.
The fish that are in the ocean are very precious now. This generation of fish create oxygen for the land to absorb. The sailors who live in a land of no trees have the important task to liberate this oxygen into the air while fishing.
Once again, the ecosystem has found a way to compensate what could be otherwise, an imbalance.

38x55cm acrylic on wood.

This is (what used to be) a very rare and ancient plant that goes by the latin name Herba Commentariis Memoriam.
It´s said to be found only in locations that nature itself detects a danger of extinction of some important part of its ecosystem in a certain location.
Now, for reasons we are all familiar with, this plant is found quite easily in many different parts of the globe. I came across this one the other day. It was in it´s seed creating time. It does this every seven years.
The seeds carry information and knowledge we need to read very carefully to understand the natural course of events that are taking place in this particular location and read into the possible changes we can help with, to preserve a natural ecosystem as a whole.
It´s a complex concept for normal human brains that tend to classify and separate beings.
As nature is so wise, this plant has also a way for this knowledge to access human mind. Thought the gut. These bubble-like seed pods are edible after the information has been delivered to the intellect, to then access the body and emotion.
Nature is just perfect and always fascinating.

38x55cm acrylic on wood.

There is a view of a hillside rolling quite vertically into the ocean.
Many tones of green are contrasted by the black basalt and some red iron earth.
It´s constantly windy, and the ocean floats up into the sky making threads that dance.
The phantom spirits left navigating the rough sea, elevate to higher realms, to then return in the way of rain.
This sky is complex, unpredictable, strong and in some way a magician.
It shapes itself into all forms, it´s an illusionist.
The sky dome that creates this microclimate, controls the light we perceive life in.

38x55cm acrylic on wood.

Originally this image showed a beautiful view of raw nature. A place that could be visited in silence and respect while one underwent some form of task or job. Then, one day, someone from abroad came to explore this land and defined this view as an icon.
Then this person went back home and told everyone about it. One person told the other, and one thing let to the next and in a short space of time this same place turned into a tourism hotspot.
People from all over the globe came here just to take a picture, the same one. Everyone was taking the same one.
Little by little, each photo that was taken, and each quick visit that this place received, the place grew this structure of windows, lenses and filters.
Each looking glass, whether it was a window or a lens, was a safe place to see this iconic view, but nobody could feel or smell it anymore.
I felt a certain sadness but then I saw the positive side.
The real place was possibly protected by this shield, only those who could stay longer might have the time to go beyond it, to access the real mundane life on it.

38x55cm acrylic on wood.

Once upon a time there were some steep islands that raised their presence from the ocean sculpted by the wind and waves.
The first sailor who found this land was captivated by a great mysterious sight, the shapes, the clouds created around the tops of these elevated grounds.
He finally decided to walk up to the highest peak above the clouds to see for himself if he could solve the enigma. When he reached the very top, he looked over in amazement to discover the Weaving Birds were working hard turning the sky into these beautiful shapes. Their flight was gracious, sometimes fast and others pondering, following the shapes the wind had sculpted into the land.
He watched them carefully while they threaded the water that elevated from these grounds. He decided to stay here to live and brought his sheep to graze, learnt from the Birds how to weave the wool into warm clothes.

TJØRNUVÍK. an ilustration.

And finally the last one I was able to finish but stands as a mystery, I have no idea what it means or can´t access the story it brings, maybe with time it will tell me.

the rest of the pieces I haven´t shared are in too much of an early phase. I will work on them from my studio and keep the connection with this place.