This is a book I´ve been working on since the end of 2019 and seems to be an ongoing project but hopefully near being turned into a reality. It´s a children´s book I´ve created in the way of travelling though a labyrinth of pages with a few different ways of being used. Here is a small introduction and a few of the illustrations.

Welcome to the magical world of The Serendava, where a labyrinth of infinite paths invites you to step inside and weave your own story. Each time will be different depending on the being you choose to become. Here, there are no wrong choices, just myriad ways of crafting your own unique experience.

In this book you will find 16 illustrations of magical realms I call Dimensions, filled with paths reached via doorways which you can navigate through, verbalising an improvised story as you interact with the diverse elements found within it.

The Serendava has been created to stimulate your creative thinking. It offers highly detailed illustrations which can be interpreted in as many ways as your imagination allows. The book is intended as a playful tool to let you wonder through those labyrinthine chambers of your mind, and whilst there are goals to achieve, this is not a game of winners or losers. The more you surrender to the spirit of play, the richer your experience will be.
I´ll be searching for a publisher for this book after finishing the artists collectible limited edition this year