The Corinthian Contemporary Art Partnership, “CCAP” hosts artist Celia Rabinovitch at its second Art Residency in Ibiza. The residency takes place from March 8th to 24th 2024, and concludes on March 22 with an exhibition of the artist’s paintings and the works of Romanie and Danchú, two Ibizan artists inspired by surrealism.
CELIA RABINOVITCH, PhD, MFA (Canada/USA) is an artist and writer whose luminous paintings evoke the uncanny, giving form to the surreal as a state of mind. Her art explores the dynamic energies of nature, water, and light, through drawing and collage. Influences from imagist poetry, Chinese painting, and surrealism inform her approach. Layering veils of acrylics and oil, her art offers an undefinable sense of recognition that makes the familiar become extraordinary.
Her paintings have been shown in Canada, the USA and Europe, selected for the Florence Biennale (1999) and Terra Infirma, an international exhibition on climate change, Dr. Bernard Heller Museum, New York (2019). Solo exhibitions include The Grotto Cycle, Beck Center Museum, Cleveland; YYZ Artists’ Outlet, Toronto; the University of California at Berkeley Jeanne Brewer Gallery; and Canessa Gallery, San Francisco. Her series, Industrial Romance was exhibited at the University of California-San Francisco, the California Institute for Integral Studies, and Site Gallery, Winnipeg. Awards for her art include the Millay Colony for the Arts, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Manitoba Arts Council and the Department of Foreign Affairs, Canada.
Celia weaves the artist’s experience into history, biography, poetry, and spiritual experience in her articles and in her book, Surrealism and the Sacred: Power, Eros and the Occult in Modern Art (2003), that uncovers the struggle between the secular and the sacred in modern art. Her recent book, Duchamp’s Pipe: A Chess Romance – Marcel Duchamp & George Koltanowski (2020), describes the world of audacious bohemia through the friendship of Dada artist Duchamp and blindfold chess wizard, Koltanowski.
Educated at McGill University (PhD, history of religions) and the University of Wisconsin (MFA, painting), Rabinovitch has taught and directed programs at U.C. Berkeley, University of Colorado, the University of Manitoba, San Francisco Art Institute and Syracuse University.
DANCHÚ, a surrealist artist born in Ibiza (1986). Having lived in Asturias and Tenerife, she pursued her art studies between Switzerland at the Ecole d’Humanite, at the Cyprus College of Art, and in San Francisco at the Academy of Art University in California. She lives and works in Ibiza, with her art exhibited at Estudio Laterna Art Gallery.
In her art, Danchú weaves intricate tapestries of the mind, blending sacred geometry with her unique surrealist style, imbued with psychedelic echoes. Utilizing charcoal and oil on recycled wood, she crafts ethereal visions suggesting dream images, that transcend the boundaries of the conscious mind. Her inspiration stems from the vertical ascent of mountains, the mysteries of occultism, the myths of ancient
tribes and the contradictions of quantum physics. Renouncing preconceived plans, Danchú surrenders to the flow of creation, allowing the unconscious to guide her hand. With each stroke, she seeks to evoke self-discovery, infinity, unity, and love in her audience fervently believing in humanity ́s journey towards these transcendent ideals.
Art is a way of life for her that translates her subconscious. Through painting, she uncovers magical moments where existential questions are manifest. Her inspiration comes largely in the mountains, where in climbing vertical walls, she finds a connection with nature that fills her with creative energy.
The paintings of the Ibicencan artist Romanie are a product of the inner work that is developed every time she picks up her brushes. The motifs and repetitive shapes we see are the inheritance of a childhood spent in the countryside in Ibiza in the 1970’s, while the embodied themes in the work arise from a constant spiritual search. For Romanie painting works as a medium rather than an end in itself, she paints out of a spiritual necessity.
The paintings take form while the artist establishes an inner dialogue and relates it to that which her hand paints freely upon the blank surface of the canvas or board. The first strokes are traced by chance, emerging from the subconscious, until the first defined forms appear; at this point a relationship begins between ideas, emotions and inner thoughts, turning into recognizable images as a result of the process.
In her work we find much esoteric symbology; this is a vital part of the art.
The Corinthian Contemporary Art Partnership “CCAP” is an invitation-only partnership to support emerging art talent. Founded by investor Charles Bromley, CCAP is a meeting platform for artists and those wanting to include more art in their daily lives.
The CCAP residency offers artists the opportunity to work in an inspiring and peaceful environment in the middle of the island of Ibiza. In this CCAP residency, the artist will work closely with Ibizan artists, drawing inspiration from this region.
For more information about the CCAP and the residency, please see: www.corinthiancontemporary.art